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30.03 - 05.04

Four artists from iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective) will spend a week in Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts, from March 30 to April 5, to interrogate choreographic methodologies related to the artistic work that has been developed throughout iCoDaCo since 2018.

iCoDaCo is a biennial artist led intercultural exchange project within the landscape of contemporary dance. The collaborative project was first initiated by the Gothenburg (Sweden) based international company and organisation – ilDance, in 2012.

Every two years a new collective of international choreographers and dance artists are gathered together to form an exciting micro society (creative community) that functions as a symbolic representation of the macrocosmos (the world we live in). Informed by and corresponding to the social-political realities of each country represented by the collective, they co-create a new production over several residencies hosted in each represented country.

The idea of gathering a diverse group of artists who are dissimilar to each other and to facilitate their joined process of making a new piece, was originated from the ambition of the directors of ilDance, Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni, to demonstrate the possibility of people who are different to each other to not only coexist in a neutral manner but also, confront their differences and utilise them towards a creative and productive process of making a genuine art work that matters.

At a time where differences between individuals and societies are the cause for massive destruction and harm in our world, an artistic project which proposes and proves the feasibility of a contrary possibility, seems urgent.

Lee Brummer – horeographer, performer, associate director – ilDance.
An independent choreographer, international guest teacher, performer and educator who is based in Sweden and works internationally. She completed her BA and teaching degree in 2007 and has since studied psychology, theatre, pilates and the Gaga movement method alongside her career as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. Lee is the Associate Director & Co Founder of ilDance.

Gwyn Emberton – producer and dramaturg.
A choreographer, producer, dramaturg and teacher from Wales, UK. Artistic Director of Gwyn Emberton Dance, the Welsh company which co-produced iCoDaCo 2018 – 2020.

Hampus Bergenheim – artist.
A freelance dance artist from the north of Sweden who is deriving from the societal potential embedded in the indefinite aspect of performance to conduct and intertwine organisational, pedagogical and choreographic engagements in dance.

Marta Wołowiec – Head of Krakow Choreographic Centre / Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.
Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and culture manager based in Poland. She has been working in Krakow Choreographic Centre (KCC) since its foundation in 2014 and during the realisation of iCoDaCo 2018 – 2020 she was appointed the director of KCC.

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