playing reality #2

public workshop

Choreography and performance: Filipa Bavčević, Koraljka Begović, Nastasja Štefanić, Mia Zalukar
Dramaturgy: Jasna Jasna Žmak
Music: Nenad Kovačić
With artistic and production support of Martina Tomić and Davorka Begović
Production: Domino
Within Be SpectACTive!, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
Coproduction: Croatian Dancers’ Association (UPUH). With the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture


Join the workshop on Saturday, 22 February, 11.00-13.00 led by artist Koraljka Begović that explores topics of games and creativity inspired by children’s play. Workshop is part of Playing Reality residency by Koraljka Begović and her artistic team.

Thursday, 20 February, 19.00-21.00
Saturday, 22 February, 11.00-13.00
Thursday, 27 February, 19.00-21.00
Entrance: workshops are for free, but registration is required. Register by sending a mail to There is a limited number of places (10 for each workshop). Please come in comfortable clothes.

By gathering a team of artists and experts in the field of culture and contemporary dance expression, the author Koraljka Begović addresses the phenomenon of play in today’s society and the role that the play has (had) in the process of growing up in different socio-economic structures, at the same time encouraging creativity and artistic creation through (children’s) play.

Thinking and exploring the rules, structures and features of different children’s games, and then looking for links between the specificities of particular games and the social conditions and structures in which they were created or played, become the starting points of dance vocabulary, choreographic solutions and composition of a new dance performance that will premiere in Croatia in July as part of Domino’s Ganz New Perforations Festival.

Workshop participants will get an insight into games that were played in childhood of the artists that grew up in Yugoslavia. The artists will work with participants on different propositions and teach them different movement games that are part of our tradition. Artists expect from participants to remember games that they used to play in their childhood or games that are still part of the Swedish society. The workshop will start with a gentle warm up and rhythm games. Participants will be using movement and their bodies during the workshop, but the workshop isn’t physically demanding and anyone, in the ages from 5 to 75 can participate in the workshop.

So come be a part of the workshop, come play and dance exactly as you are!

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