playing reality - koraljka begović (HR)


Choreography and performance: Filipa Bavčević, Koraljka Begović, Nastasja Štefanić, Mia Zalukar
Dramaturgy: Jasna Jasna Žmak
Music: Nenad Kovačić
With artistic and production support of Martina Tomić and Davorka Begović
Production: Domino
Within Be SpectACTive!, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
Coproduction: Croatian Dancers’ Association (UPUH)
With the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture.

17.02 - 29.02

Residency from 17-29 February by Koraljka Begović and her team. During this-two-weeks long residency, 3 public workshops are organized to explore the theme of playing in Swedish context.

Playing Reality

By gathering an interesting team of artists and experts in the field of culture and contemporary dance expression, the author Koraljka Begović addresses the phenomenon of play in today’s society and the role that the play has (had) in the process of growing up in different socio-economic structures, at the same time encouraging creativity and artistic creation through (children’s) play.

Thinking and exploring the rules, structures and features of different children’s games, and then looking for links between the specificities of particular games and the social conditions and structures in which they were created or played, become the starting points of dance vocabulary, choreographic solutions and composition of a new dance performance that will premiere in Croatia in July as part of Domino’s Ganz New Perforations Festival.

Koraljka Begović is a contemporary dancer, creative producer and yoga teacher working between Zagreb and Zadar. She gained a lot of her dance experience through various workshops in Croatia and abroad. In 2012 she moved to Berlin where she finished education for dancers at Tanzfabrik Berlin and started creating her own author work. After 2 years of contemporary dance studies at Academy of dramatic Arts in Zagreb she moved to Ireland where in 2016 she received first class honours MA degree in contemporary dance performance at the University of Limerick. After moving back to Croatia she continued to work on her author work and to collaborate with different artists and artistic organisations from Croatia and abroad such as Petra Hrašćanec, Saša Božić, Jasna L. Vinovrški, Sabina Perry, Ana Mrak, Stella Zannou, Joolika Suderman, Sanja Tropp Fruhwald. She performed at various venues and festivals in Croatia as well in Ireland, Slovenia and Germany. She holds a BA degree in Preschool education and Cultural management and works as a producer since 2007. At the moment she is a full time member and creative producer for Zadar Dance Company and Monoplay festival where she also collaborates as a dancer. She created few author works in recent years, became a member of Croatian freelance artists association and her projects are financially supported by Croatian Ministry of Culture and Zagreb and Zadar City council. Since 2012 she works as a yoga teacher in many studios still pursuing her education in that field. For the project Playing reality (working title) she developed the idea and gathered different artists and professionals for a development and creation.

Mia Zalukar was born in 1989. in Zagreb. After graduation from High school of Contemporary dance “Ana Maletić” she continues her professional education in SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) and finishes BA study of cultural management in Croatia. During her career she collaborated with many choreographers from Croatia and the region such as Marjana Krajač, Irma Omerzo and Bruno Isaković. She was nominated for the Croatian Theatre Award in 2016. for the best performance in “Denuded” and “Disclosures” by Bruno Isaković. Together with Bruno Isaković she formed artistic organisation “Little tomorrow” and through it they produced co-autorship creations “Suddenly everywhere”, “Shake it off” and “Kill B”. She is also working as a full time teacher at the Art high school teaching stage performace, contemporary dance and rhytmics.

Filipa Bavčević was born in 1992 in Zadar, Croatia. In 2014 she graduated from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). She has been enriching her gained experience throughout various professional workshops in Croatia and abroad. She lives between Zagreb and Zadar and works as a freelance artist. She has participated in diverse dance projects collaborating with choreographers such as Simone Forti, David Hernandez, Jozef Frucek, Linda Kapetanea, Sanja Petrovski, Lada Petrovski Ternovšek, Petra Hrašćanec, Saša Božić, Marjana Krajač, Roberta Milevoj, Jelena Remetin, Josipa Štulić, Matea Bilosnić, Mia Zalukar, Irma Omerzo, Martina Granić and other.
Among others, she as well performed in Vitlycke- Centre for Performing Arts in Sweden, York Theatre Royal, Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, at Dance Week Festival in Zagreb, Dance & Non-verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti, Days of Contemporary Dance Varaždin,, Monoplay festival in Zadar, Showroom of Contemporary Sound in Zagreb, Ganz novi festival in Zagreb and UKREP festival in Ljubljana. She occasionally teaches dance techniques, improvisation, and ballet. She has been a member of Zadar Dance Company since the year 2007. From 2016 to 2018 she worked as the assistant at the Dance department of the Academy of dramatic art in Zagreb. She is a member of the production team of Stream workshops and Monoplay festival in Zadar. She created author’s work Proxima b in collaboration with Mia Zalukar.

Nastasja Stefanic is a professional musician, dancer, choreographer and a music and dance pedagogue who lives and works in Zagreb. She holds a BA and an MA degree in viola which she received from the Music Academy in Zagreb. At the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb (ADA) in July 2016 she completed her undergraduate studies and got a BA degree at the Dance department, the performance strand, thus gaining a degree of a contemporary dancer. Nastasja makes her own author work and also collaborates regularly with both Croatian and foreign artists. Her authorial pieces were presented at festivals in Croatia, UK, Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany. Nastasja has won numerous awards and scholarships, among them is the Rector’s award for her work Cadenza per 6. She works as a teaching assistant at the Drama and Dance department at the Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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