a surprised body / i can move - francesco scavetta

International collaboration with Palestinian and international dancers

Participants: Hala Sweidan, Summar Rasras, Asef Masalma, Kamel Jirjawi, Yousef Sbeih, Amanda Xuehai, Alexander Aaroe, Yohei Hamada, Maria Ulvestad, Anne Vigeland, Marina Tilinova

28.03 - 03.04

Workshop led by Francesco Scavetta

Workshop with a group of 6 Palestinian and 6 International dancers within the project I CAN MOVE, directed by Nadia Aurouri.
The project focused on sharing physical references and creating an inspired milieu for research and discovery. The participants affected each other, allowing the sense of “surprise” to be an inner state: to be constantly ready to “react” and respond, as individual and as a group. The workshop has been an occasion to search for specific qualities of disarticulated movement, layering the experience throughout several proposals and improvisations.
As a title, A Surprised Body defines a metaphorical space. The image of a body constantly alert, escaping from daily habits and routine.

The teaching project “A surprised body” has received wide international recognition as a process and technique and has taken place in 42 countries (Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Albania, Republic of San Marino, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, Holland, Austria, Finland, India, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Palestine, Lebanon, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda and Belarus). 

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