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informal showing

Arkeolog8: Camilla Reppen, Josefine Alfredsson
Scenography: Kine Fagerheim
Music: Annika Wassén


Informal showing of Katastrofprojektet, a cross-artistic collaboration between choreographers Camilla Reppen and Josefine Alfredsson from Arkeolog 8, scenographer Kine Fagerheim and musician Annika Wassén.
Informal showing on 12th of December, 19.00 at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts.
Entré: 50kr

This showing is organized at the end of the three-week residency at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts. Residency with support from Länsteatern på Gotland, Danskonsulenten på Gotland, Stockholms läns landsting, Gula Villan i Järna, Bredängs bibliotek PUNKT127, Kultur i Väst, Arkeolog 8.

Katastrofprojektet is a cross-artistic collaboration between choreographers Camilla Reppen and Josefine Alfredsson from Arkeolog 8, scenographer Kine Fagerheim and musician Annika Wassén. The idea of the project is to create a sort of platform for dialogue to explore the anxiety we have for future crises and catastrophes. We do this by creating performing art experiences in different formats and therefor Katastrofprojketet consists of different sub projects.

Katastrofprojektet #1- Katastrofleden
Katastrofleden is a hiking trail, is an exhibition, is a choreography, is a journey of discovery.
It was open during the summer of 2019 and stretched between Bredäng in Stockholm municipality to Järna in Södertälje municipality, a 70 km long management of anxiety. Katastrofprojektet # 2
is a project format in which we use materials and ideas from Katastrofleden and put it together into a dance performance. Disaster thoughts takes shape and develop in the meeting between the different artists’ artistry.

Performing arts collective Arkeolog 8 was founded with ambitions to explore synergies for artistic expression in various formats through collaborative methods. The group have performed at and collaborated with, for example, Dansens Hus, Dansnät Sverige, Skånes Dansteater, Scenkonst Sörmland, Slagsmålsklubben, Norrlandsoperan, Utmana, Salto!, Fusion festival, Theaterszene Europa, Schäxpir and others.

Collaborative group processes as artistic practice are based on our assumption that the artistic expression that develops in collective work is unique and grows through interactions between us as individuals in the group, our experiences and the context in which the group is based. The dynamics and interactions in the group make up conditions for what we can say and do, think, imagine and this is constantly changing; at every moment there are different opportunities that we can realize. In this way, we set (or open) boundaries for our future selves in / as a group and for our emerging pieces.

Kine Fagerheim is an architect that works in the tension between architecture, installation-art, scenography and crafts. In her work with installation and scenography, the focus is to create space for the entire sensory register, through close contact with the given space, the possibilities of the material and the narratives that take place.

Annika Wassén is a sounddesigner and musician who creates ambience focused music and soundscapes through samples and synthesizers. Her work is formost focuset on creating music for movies and performing arts.

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