CANCELLED! sonor - aloun marchal (SE)

informal showing

Performers: Gilda Stillbäck, Kristina Hanses, Nelly Zagora, Sandra Abouav
Choreography and project leader: Aloun Marchal
Musical advisor: Aurelio Edler Copes
Dramaturgy: Celine Cartillier
Costume: Anna Sefve
Production: Possibilitas and Siège (France)
Photo: Carl Ander
In collaboration with: Atalante, Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts, Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, Secret Hotel (Denmark), Menu Spaustuvè (Litauen) and Theatre de Vanves (France)
Supported by: City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, Folkuniverstitetet, Kultur i Väst and DRAC Ile de France.


Informal showing of SonoR, a sound and dance show by Aloun Marchal, on Saturday, 23rd of November, 17.00.
Entrance: 50kr
Showing: 85 min

This showing is organized at the end of the two-week residency at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts. SonoR has its premiere at Atalante in Gothenburg on 28th of November. In collaboration with Kultur i Väst.


After critically acclaimed Bibi Ha Bibi, Aloun Marchal is back as a choreographer. If you experienced the show you know how the grotesque and absurd can be turned into beauty. This time the outcome is a rhythmical show were the boundaries between dance and concert are dissolved.
SonoR is a show for four female dancers with wireless microphones, also, soundscape and choreography are performed live on stage. The wireless microphones are used to amplify the sounds of the body – bodies bouncing, voices humming along with singing, breath and steps. The sounds focus and reveal the inner driving force of the performance, both in interactions and solo dancing.

The four performers are generating music from their dancing and they are dancing on the music they are creating. In SonoR, the performers bodies are the instruments, musical gestures become dance movements and dancing is music making. But sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes the performers mouths sing a song when the performers bodies dance on an other melody. Sometimes your ears are invited to travel in a sound landscape when your eyes are visiting an other landscape, even if everything is performed live in front of your eyes and ears. No tricks, no prerecorded music, just a fascination for the fine mecanics – and sometimes not so fine – of moving and sounding!

SonoR plays with the concert format by injecting the body mobility that a dancer can generate in the musician stage persona. The audience is invited to navigate in between landscapes to be imagined – seashores, cliffs, steppes – and the concrete space of the stage where the performers are working with rythms and space.

Aloun Marchal

Aloun Marchal is an improviser, dancer and choreographer. French artist living in Gothenburg, Sweden.
He receives the Danceweb grant in 2008 and 2012. In 2010, he is awarded the second prize of the Dance competition, “Danse Elargie” that took place in théatre de la ville, for the creation of “Gerro, Minos and Him” in collaboration with Roger Sala Reyner and Simon Tanguy. In 2013, “Gerro, Minos and Him” is awarded the best dance piece award at the Stuttgarter Tanz-und Teaterpreis festival. In 2017, he receives the innovative choreographic grant from SACD for the creation of Bibi Ha Bibi together with Henrique Furtado. In 2018, he co choreographed “L’Age d’Or” with Eric Minh Cuong Castaing.

He is currently touring his two last creations : Bibi Ha Bibi and l’Age d’Or. We will work as a performer for Tove Sahlin in her new creation “Narheten”, to be premiered in March 2020.
Aloun decided to start dancing professionally when he understood that thinking wasn’t enough. At this moment, he felt he wasn’t able to experience anything without naming it. Something like a wanderer unable to take his eyes away from the map.
Since then he is fascinated by moments that don’t make sense yet, but eventually will.

More info about Aloun Matchal at

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