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20.09 - 31.08

Explore the Future Epics project and share you story on the Future Epics platform:

The story plattform is created as a part of the Future Epics project. This is a space for sharing stories about your history – the history you need. We encourage all those who wish to be a part of our Future Epics program to join us in creating new traditions.

By sharing a story from your past on this platform, you become a part of a big project that focuses on highlighting, reevaluating, deconstructing, relativizing and creating tradition.

What can you write about? Any story related to tradition and cultural heritage, or even a song, a legend, a folktale… Of course, you don’t have to use historical facts, you can choose an urban legend, a national myth, or made-up history. Anything you find important.

Who can write on this platform? Anyone that has the need to reevaluate a part of their past or memory, in order to transform it into art.

We look forward to sharing this place for memory and new traditions with you.

You can upload your story under five titles:

HERO – an important person in your life or inspiring life story. Tell a story about someone or something that is HERO for you!
PLACE – the street you grew up or the museum you once attended. This is a place to share a story about the place more people should hear about!
RITUAL – from everyday chores to intricate traditions to celebrate significant events in our lives – rituals are all around us and we would love to hear your story about them!
PERSONAL - your grandparents lifestory or funny event from your childhood, write this story down and share it to the Future Epics audience!
WORDS – regional and local expressions as well as words that you find so difficult to translate to other languages, let us here these words and learn their meaning.

Share you story in written form or in audio on the Future Epics platform:

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