all I know of which I am not thinking - bodhi project

performance by Bodhi Project (AT) and Francesco Scavetta (NO/SE/IT)


Saturday, 7 Septmeber, 17.00
Bodhi projects returns to Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts with the performance “All I know of which I am not thinking”.

Entrance: 130 kr. Buy tickets to 2 performances for 200kr: David Zambrano solo-performance “My Fire is Still Burning For You” on 30th of August + “All I know of which I am not thinking” on 7th of September.

The Bodhi Project is an Austrian company composed by six performers of five different nationalities. On the beginning of 2019 the dancers came to Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts to work together with choreographer Francesco Scavetta to create a new performance titled “All I know of which I am not thinking”.

With costumes and set design straight out of the 70s, partly kitsch tiki lounge, partly Wes Anderson film set, “All I know of which I am not thinking” takes us to places comforting and strange. The work is bizarre yet familiar: offbeat, funny and poetic. The piece explores, in a peculiar blend of politics, poetics and humour, the notion of truth and falsehood in theatre and everyday experience, bringing forward an investigation started with the Scavetta’s performance “Hardly Ever”.

The project identifies the theme of lying as iconic and relevant on both a socio-political and personal level and the interweaving of semantics and performativity is central in the work.

The performers on stage continuously manipulate their fictional worlds and creations addressing the audience with verbal statements that are both personal and surreal. By naming and renaming their actions and the physical landscapes they create, the dancers aim in engaging audience personal associations, while challenging their perceptions.
It’s all about believing and making believe, even just for a few instants. It’s an inner guessing game. It’s about creating expectations and triggering empathy, while allowing the unexpected. The result is subtly political, joyful and timely.

The performance is organized within TOWARDS: 2019 workshop cycle. TOWARDS: is a cycle of intensive workshops that include physical praxis, evening lectures, video screenings and live performances. TOWARDS: offers the occasion to explore the work of renowned international artists, gaining an insight into their practice and methodologies as well the philosophical and poetic worlds that trigger their creative research. The project started in August 2018 with Julyen Hamilton’s workshop: Making Dances – Compositional and Poetic Richness.

TOWARDS is curated by Francesco Scavetta and organised by Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts, in collaboration with Sekoia – Artes Performativas. TOWARDS is supported by the Swedish Cultural Council.

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