inner weather - aloun marchal (SE)


Performers: Gilda Stillbäck, Kristina Hanses, Nelly Zagora, Sandra Abouav
Choreography and project leader: Aloun Marchal
Musical advisor: Aurelio Edler Copes
Dramaturgy: Celine Cartillier
Costume: Anna Sefve
Ljusdesign: Eduardo Abdala

Production: Possibilitas and Siège (Frankrike)
In association with: Theatre de Vanves – Artdanthe and Göteborgs Dans- och Teaterfestival
Supported by: Göteborgs Stad, Västra Götalandsregionen, Kultur i Väst och DRAC Ile de France

10.06 - 16.06

Residency of choreographer Aloun Marchal for creation of new sound and dance show called “Inner Weather”. Residency in collaboration with Kultur i Väst.

After critically acclaimed Bibi Ha Bibi, Aloun Marchal is back as a choreographer. If you experienced the show you know how the grotesque and absurd can be turned into beauty. This time with four women on stage. The outcome is a rythmical show were the boundaries between dance and concert are dissolved.

Inner Weather is a show for four female dancers with wireless microphones, also, soundscape and choreography are performed live on stage. The wireless microphones are used to amplify the sounds of the body – bodies bouncing, voices humming along with singing, breath and steps. The sounds focus and reveal the inner driving force of the performance, both in interactions and solo dancing.

Aloun Marchal (SE/FR) – choreographer and project leader
Aloun Marchal started dancing when he understood that thinking was not enough, since then he is fascinated by moments that don’t make sense yet, but eventually will. His choreographic work is about exploring his fascination with the human condition. The human as a thinking animal that lives in the present, often in a vertical situation, creates societies, is in motion, sounds and creates collective and individual imaginary objects. This has led him to create contemporary dance performances where a wide range of movements, vocalizations and conversations are interwoven. For each show, a specific universe and vocabulary have been created.

Aloun is an improviser, dancer and choreographer. A french artist living in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Paris, France. He received the Danceweb grant in 2008 and 2012. In 2010, he was awarded the second prize of the Dance competition, “Danse Elargie” that took place in théatre de la ville, for the creation of “Gerro, Minos and Him” in collaboration with Roger Sala Reyner and Simon Tanguy. In 2013, “Gerro, Minos and Him” was awarded the best dance piece award at the Stuttgarter Tanz-und Teaterpreis festival. In 2017, he received the innovative choreographic grant from SACD for the creation of Bibi Ha Bibi.
He is currently touring three of his creations : “Bibi Ha Bibi”, “Gerro, Minos and Him” and “Trippel”. As a performer, Aloun is touring with “More than naked”, a massively naked show choreographed by the Austrian artist Doris Uhlich, the last shows of the integrated dance company SPINN and “L’Age d’or” choreographed by Eric Minh Cuong Castaing.


Kristina Hanses (SE)
Kristina Hanses is a dancer, performer, singer and composer. Graduated at Amsterdam Hoheschool voor de Kunsten in 2010. She worked with choreographers like Tabea Martin and Itamar Zerussi Sahar. She is choreographing her own solowork and is dancing and composing songs for her pop/performance duo Kristal &.

Gilda Stillbäck (SE)
Educated at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm, Gilda started her career as a dancer in Sweden. She freelanced with independent companies, as well as working at institutions such as the Gothenburg Opera, the Norwegian Opera and the Malmö Opera.
In 2006, she choreographed her first piece “b rör mig” (touch me) a blend of contemporary dance and argentine tango. The piece toured Sweden and Argentina from 2007-2009.
The following years, Gilda choreographed and produced another three pieces and also started working as a choreographer for opera and theatre at the City Hall Theatre in Gothenburg. While working with actors, Gilda took an interest in acting and so started studying acting in 2013, which was also the year of her first short film, “House of Ahava”, directed by Eric Eger. The film was presented at both the Cannes and the Miami Film Festivals.
Since 2015, Gilda is working between Sweden and France as a dancer, choreographer and actress.

Nelly Zagora (SE)
Nelly Zagora is a freelance dance artist from Stockholm, Sweden. Since her graduation from Balettakademien Stockholm she has been working with several Stockholm based choreographers., among them Christina Tingskog, Björn Säfsten and Anisa Hason Abas. As a choreographer and performer she has traveled with the solo ”…in Wonderland” to Finland, Norway, Danmark and Poland. She is also working as a choreographer and performer in the group Waste Collective, organising Stockholm Dansfilmfestival. Later this spring she will be assistant choreographer for the piece Häxorna at Årsta teater by Aurelia Le Huche and be a part of the musict heater Malmens Väg made by Tornedalsteatern with premiere in august in Pajala.

Sandra Abouav (FR)
Sandra has been training Ballet from the age of 4 and started training contemporary dance techniques some years later at the Conservatory of Poitiers. She continued her dance training in RIDC in Paris where she obtained her state diploma. She passionated herself for the History of body representations in arts and obtained a Bachelor degree in Archaeology about it. She obtained a master degree in Dance from the university Paris 8 by focussing on “The play of the performer”. Sandra has met the universe of many french choreographers.
She created the Company METAtarses in 2010 with Vincent Cespedes, philosopher and composer, Pauline Falourd, light designer and the scenographer Geoffrey Crespel. Within Metatarse works, all media are welcome to provoke the surprise and the meeting : dance videos, performances, conferences, workshops and collaborations with artists of different disciplines as for instance the French sculptor Alain Kirili who invited her to come to celebrate his monumental installation RHYTHM OF AUTUMN Place of the City hall in Paris.

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