TOWARDS:2019 - two to one - frey faust (US) / emanuela iacopini (IT)


“Two to One”
Emanuela Iacopini
Choreography and dance: Frey Faust and Emanuela Iacopini
Sound design: Rajivan Ayyappan
Costume design: Michèle Tonteling
Production: “Two to One” is a duet extracted from “UNDO” §co-produced by Théâtre National du Luxembourg (TNL), Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (TROIS C-L) and VEDANZA with the support of Tufa Tanz, Tuchfabrick Trier, Hannah Ma Dance, Fondation Indépendance and FOCUNA.


Friday 31 May, 19:00
Performance “Two to One” and lecture “Implications for Dance of the Science on Fascia” by Frey Faust
Tickets: 80 kr, buy your ticket at

Frey Faust

Born in 1960, Frey began performing at the age of 8 with his family as a traveling troubadour. He is a second generation contact improviser and an alumnus of the 80s New York dance scene. Some of his more important early influences came from: Shekhinah Mountainwater, Nita Little, Pavel Rouba, Rene Bazinet, and Janet Panetta.

He has worked with such artists as Ohad Naharin, Donald Byrd, David Parsons, Gina Buntz, Howard Katz, Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk, Randy Warshaw, Bob Een, Stephen Petronio, Danny Ezralow. He founded or co-founded three dance companies, and has created or co-created over 40 choreographic solo and group works. Following an independent study of anatomy, biomechanics, and physics, he has been able to build a pedagogical approach that has made him a sought after teacher, personal coach and technical counselor.

After 15 years of research, he consolidated his findings in a book – The Axis Syllabus – Human Movement Lexicon – which he continues to edit with the help of the Axis Syllabus International Research Community. Founded in 2009, the ASIRC is a rapidly expanding group of experts from many related fields in the human movement and education sciences. Recently, his work on the AS has been focused into the construction of a symbol set with the potential to streamline movement documentation and analysis. The Axis Syllabus recognizes both broad general commonalities as well as unique individual qualities and proportions and invites the student to work with rather than against their body’s resources.

He also makes shoes, speaks four languages, continues to create and perform dances.

Lecture “Implications for Dance of the Science on Fascia” and performance “Two to One”

In the lecture Frey Faust is going to focus on fascia – a network of connective tissue that encloses everything in human body. Performance “Two to One” is part of this lecture and will exemplify artistically the themes discussed during this evening.
“Two to One” is duo by Frey Faust and Emanuela Lacopini. This duet is extracted from “UNDO”, a contemporary tribute to the moving human body. “UNDO” was premiered by VEDANZA at the Théâtre National du Luxembourg in December 2017.

Devoid of a preconceived narrative and based solely on a readiness to follow and facilitate reactions and responses to off-balance movement and myo-fascial elasticity, “Two to One” develops from a solo into a duet. The work fully inscribes itself in the contemporary reality, reflecting on and continuing to pursue the challenging concerns of post-modern dance artists.

“Passionate about the link between art and science, Emanuela Iacopini continues her on-going research on fascia with “UNDO”. For this original full length work, she invited choreographer, dancer and pedagogue Frey Faust, a figure of the eighties New York dance scene and author of the Axis Syllabus, an analytical approach to movement based on scientific data” (City Magazine, Dec. 2017).

“This duet invites the viewer in, which is not always the case with improvisational structures…” (Bryan Brady, director of the Laban Theatre, London, 20 Dec. 2017)

For more information:
Axis Syllabus International Research Network

Performance and lecture are organized within TOWARDS workshopcycle. TOWARDS is a cycle of intensive workshops that include physical praxis, evening lectures, video screenings and live performances. TOWARDS offers the occasion to explore the work of renowned international artists, gaining an insight into their practice and methodologies as well the philosophical and poetic worlds that trigger their creative research. The project started in August 2018 with Julyen Hamilton’s workshop: Making Dances – Compositional and Poetic Richness.

TOWARDS is curated by Francesco Scavetta and organised by Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts, in collaboration with
Sekoia – Artes Performativas. TOWARDS is supported by the Swedish Cultural Council.

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