vado verso dove vengo

Film documentary

Direction: Nicola Ragone Written by: Luigi Vitelli Screenplay: Luigi Vitelli, Nicola Ragone, Vito Teti Production: Matera 2019, Lucana Film Commission Executive production: Mediterraneo Cinematografica

29.10 - 01.11

“Storylines| the Lucanian ways”, is a film documentary. The project is supported by Matera — European Capital City of Culture 2019 and co-produced by Youth Europe Service Association, Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation and Lucana Film Commission. The crew will be at Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts to interview Francesco Scavetta’s on his work and activities, the space he established and future projects.

Through the Storylines project, we intend to realize a documentary film and a video-installation which will inquire and put together (mostly on an anthropological point of view) parts of stories of people who emigrated from Basilicata (both old and new emigration) and relate them to the stories of the one who stay, to make the two communities recognize each other while chorally constructing new meanings for their own birthplaces (Basilicata). The stories that the project wants to collect are to be inserted in the situation which has the majority of the region towns – who once were the vital centers of the local communities – living a situation of progressive depopulation and abandoning, as it happens in most of the towns in the internal areas of Italy: a phenomenon that involves 101 out of 131 towns of Basilicata and the 60% of national territory. Therefore, the main goal is to ask questions and make people think about the impact that emigration and depopulation have generated and keep generating in the marginal areas of Italy and, at the same time, to underline the resilience, elaboration of new solutions and return projects. An experimental lab of participate storytelling to talk about the frailty of lands, the abandoning and returning phenomena, the sense of leaving and “staying”, the relations between fullness and emptiness, between what it was and what it is not yet. To ease the dialogue between those who left and those who stays in our territory, can give us a new identity of places and so delineate new paths which will lead the audience we are referring to – especially the one composed by young people and students – to confront themselves with a new model that wants to reverse the progressive,urban-centric and industrialist paradigm and to interact with life stories and little utopias, related to the practices of social innovation and inclusion, civic activism and urban regeneration on a cultural, artistic and touristic base, that exist and resist in the little towns. Examples of little towns that become places of open and plural knowledge capable of move the meaning of “center” to periphery areas, since it is where a new development idea could start. The project will be realized in a partnership with Mediterraneo Cinematogragica, Bitmovies s.r.l., Allelammie, Simbdea, and the help of the director Nicola Ragone and of the anthropologist Vito Teti.

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