interview - julyen hamilton

solo performance

Dance / text / decor: Julyen Hamilton
Photos: Patrick Beelaert


TOWARDS: is a cycle of intensive workshops that, beside the physical praxis, includes evening lectures, video screenings and performances.

The cycle will start in August 2018 with “Making Dances – compositional and poetic richness” by the renowned teacher and performer Julyen Hamilton.
Julyen Hamilton’s teaching investigates deeply the creative act and the technique needed to accompany and facilitate it. It stems from his experience as a soloist, director of Allen’s Line and performer in numerous ensemble situations over the past 40 years.

His work observes how things are made, how they function and how knowledge, experience and intuition can be used to create the work we each wish to make.
His ability to distil and convey essential principles allows dancers from a wide range of backgrounds to engage in his methodology.
It naturally enters the worlds of physiology, philosophy, culture, imagination and the future.

In recent years the compositional elements of major concern have been time, space, dramaturgy, music and the voice; they have informed his experience as a dancer who creates and organises materials instantly before the public.

The basic work is the handling of the body and the ‘speaking’ in space, motion and time. Its co-ordination and its relationship to the material it creates – and then to the sharing of it in performance.

Julyen Hamilton’s solo piece INTERVIEW will be presented at Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts, as part of the cycle.
TOWARDS: is organised in collaboration with Sekoia – Artes Performativas and supported by Kulturrådet.
Vitlycke – Center for Performing Arts is supported by Tanum Kultur & Fritid and Västra Götalandsregionen.

Time: 31th of August, 19.00
Entrance fee: 100kr

INTERVIEW is the latest solo from Julyen Hamilton who has been making solo pieces constantly over the past 35 years.

INTERVIEW presents both the interviewer and the interviewed.

Intimacy exposed.
Intimacy restored.

It is the look of our times and a look at our times through the individual creator
being interviewed and creating.

brief like your heart
in photographs
captured and evaporated;
a small world
a million small worlds,
west, sharp, sleep, wake;
your brief moment, pulsating.

INTERVIEW was premiered in Bruxelles in November 2016. Subsequently showing in Prague last autumn.

Julyen hamilton
Credit © patrick beelaert     72 2
Credit © patrick beelaert     97 2

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