surprised body project - wee/scavetta & batagraf/balke


Wee/Francesco Scavetta & Batagraf/Jon Balke
Choreography: Francesco Scavetta. Original version created in collaboration with the dancers: Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla, Gry Kipperberg, Kristina Søetorp/Ingrid Berger Myhre, Meri Pajunpää, Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli/Sudesh Adhana, Orfee Schuijt, Soile Voima.
Later touring version created in collaboration and performed by: Luke Divall, Ben McEwen, Petra Hrascanec, Riina Kalmi, Gry Kipperberg and Tiia Ojala
Music composed by: Jon Balke
Music performed by: Batagraf (Jon Balke, Snorre Bjerck)
Lighting Design by: Stefano Stacchini
Costume Design by: Gjøril Bjercke Saether
Photos: Edith Zehentmayer, Patrick Beelaert, Bjørn-Eivind Årtun and Wee
Production: Wee
Co-produced by: Dansens Hus – National Scene for Dance/Oslo, Greenwich Dance/London
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Fund for Performing Artists, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, UD–Norwegian Foreign Affairs/DTS, Nordic-Baltic mobility program
In collaboration with: Vitlycke-Centre for Performing Arts
Original version created in collaboration with: SEAD/ Salzburg, Festival Buenos Aires Danza Contemporanea/ Buenos Aires, Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará / Fortaleza (Brazil), Dansmakers Amsterdam, Italian Institutes of Culture of Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Santiago del Chile and Moscow.


Morning performance for the students of Tanums school

A sort of utopia has been the scornful athleticism, the absurd acrobatics of a body in balance, that state of precariousness, not only physical, in which one might fall at any moment, even if this will not happen. A constant tension between falling and regaining balance. A movement which does not show itself, but which happens

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