zero visibility corp.

Who Told You This Room Exists?

Choreographer: Ina Christel Johannessen
Dancers: Line Tørmoen, Ole Kristian Tangen, Anton Borgström, Jim De Block
Light design: Chrisander Brun
Visual concept: Ina Christel Johannessen
Music: Mika Vainio
Film: Jim de Block
Photo: Chrisander Brun
Sound design: Morten Pettersen
Constructions: Aanerud Industries
Video: Magnar Mork
Technical coordinator: Daniel Kolstad Gimle
Production manager: Kirsti Ulvestad

Produced by: Zero Visibility Corp.
Co-produced by: House of Dance, (Oslo), Le Briquetterie, (Paris)
ZVC is supported by Norwegian Arts Council

31.07 - 04.08

What defines a room, and what happens when it´s boarders are being moved, or torn down?
Zero Visibility Corp investigates different concepts of rooms; concrete and physical rooms, social rooms, inner and private rooms.
What happens when a private action is moved into a public space?
4 people – from room to room – constantly searching for the “in-betweens”.
What rules apply in those rooms, and further – who and what define those rules?

Who Told You This Room Exists? Is the first part of Ina Christel’s coming trilogy. The works are woven together through a thematic red thread where the key words; human desire, destruction, decay and loss of belonging, are put under scrutiny of her investigations.
The trilogy will be created and developed through a complex search for references and associations, and finally blended together with her physical and expressive language and aesthetic touch.

zero visibility corp. is one of the most acclaimed Norwegian contemporary dance companies. It is led by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. Since the international breakthrough in 2003 Ina Christel Johannesen and her company has thrilled audiences in 18 countries worldwide – from the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Front Centre in Toronto to the Cervantinos Festival in Mexico. Every piece is created in close collaboration with committed partners in Norway and abroad, and the works vary from duets to large scale productions.

Inas work is characterized by high energy in the physical movements merged with poetic and often theatrical elements. The sought-after choreographer has in addition to her own company zero visibility corp., created works for international companies such as Ballet de Monte Carlo, CCDC Hong Kong, and Cullberg Ballet.

Since 2009 zero visibility corp has received base funding from Arts Council Norway, which represents a great recognition for the company and choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. The base funding is of great importance for the company’s artistic development and possibilities. Several projects and guest performances had not been possible without the basic funding. The company and ICJ have been able to realize bigger and more diverse projects, both in size of productions and touring.

“As member of the audience we are thrown into crossroads between aesthetic extremes in physically explicit and powerful expressions. We are united in a belief in dance as an art form. It is perhaps in this insisting on the concrete and physically demanding choreography that zero visibility corp. place themselves in a theatrical dance tradition, creating their very own artistic profile.” – Siren Leirvåg

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