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ilYoung 2018 - Creation process of Q&A

Concept: Rachel Erdos
Choreography: Rachel Erdos & Cast
Choreographers assistant: Matan David
36 Questions by: Arthur Aron
Performed by ilYoung 2018: Kyall Shanks, Felicity Boyd, Zoe Gay, Linnea Malmström, Zoa Ludbäck, Isabell Karlsson, Elias Kraft, Olivia Löfvander Stribeck, Rebacca Lång, Inanna Argati
Produced by: ilDance
Directors: Israel Aloni & Lee Brummer

15.07 - 29.07

Residency for creation of project Q&A by ilDance & ilYoung and guests Rachel Erdos and Matan David. During the residency, ilDance welcomes guests to its classes from 16th to 20th and 23rd to 26th of July, 2018 (registration required).

Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts is supported by Tanum Kultur & Fritid and Västra Götalandsregionen.

Q&A by Rachel Erdos & Cast
In 1977, psychologist Arthur Aron, together with a group of research colleagues, published the article “The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness.” In his research, Aron assembled 36 predefined questions designed for dialogue between two strangers, so that they gradually become more and more personal. According to the study, openness to another person and placing ourselves in a position of vulnerability develops strong intimacy that will lead to immediate love.
Would you like to be famous? When did you last sing to yourself? To someone else? What is your most terrible memory? How close and warm is your family?
Between a talk show and a Sunday confession, this work shares intimate moments from the performers’ lives and creates an evening of sharing rather than a traditional performance.
Ultimately we are all looking for connections with other people and believe that these 36 questions are a way of breaking down barriers and getting to know the individual.

ilDance is an international and independent contemporary dance company and organisation which initiates and operates several pioneer and international projects. The company was founded in 2012 by its current Artistic Directors, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer and it is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ilDance also invests in the evolution of artists at all stages, from education and through to professional practice, and throughout the year we facilitate many activities which reveal the making processes of contemporary dance to non-dancer audiences.
Some of ilDance’s activities are ongoing and reoccurring, these include iCoDaCo, ilYoung and ilDance in Australia.
ilDance operates on a hybrid model which has been uniquely developed by its directors. The creativity, bravery and agility that are so strongly felt in ilDance’s choreographic practices, also guide the company’s operation and production methodologies. Aloni and Brummer believe that the innovation and flexibility of artists does not end within the realm of a creation process but can and should also inform the practices of production and management.

ilYoung is ilDance’s project based junior dance company. Lee Brummer & Israel Aloni established ilYoung in 2012 with the ambition to structure a platform which would offer professional experience to young dancers who are still in the process of their dance education.

ilDance, initiated and operate ilYoung with the wish to prepare young dancers upon graduation, for the professional contemporary dance sector both in Sweden and abroad. Every year ilDance conducts an audition process across from which ten dancers are selected to join a full time creation process in a professional setting. During the creation process the dancers meet the directors of ilDance, international guest choreographers & teachers as well as guest mentors.

The creation process is hosted in residencies across Sweden where the cast, choreographers and the creative team interact and engage with the local community in various satellite activities. Following the creation period, ilYoung tours with the new production across Sweden. The experience that the dancers gain in ilYoung enhances their individuality and encourages them to unfold their potential to the fullest, in a way that gives them the tools and confidence that are necessary to launch a professional career in an ever changing and progressing field such as the contemporary dance field.

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