love walk - m-o-l-d

M-o-l-d is a performing arts collective under the artistic direction of: Johan Rödström, Soledad Howe, Fredrika Byman Moberg, Tomas Björkdal and Frida Sandström.
Producer: Anders T Carlsson.


Informal showing of “Love walk”, by M-o-l-d at 18:00.

M-o-l-d works with performing arts based on spatial design and choreographic movement.
“With us you can get stuck or swept. Get fed or have the opportunity to feed. You can walk with us through an empty garage or cook in a park. After we have told you a good night’s story, we hope you will sleep. we want you to look at your hands and think of someone who is dead. We want to eat sourdough truffles with you and that in one of the city’s forgotten spaces. We hope to keep your hand if you feel alone, but sometimes let you leave alone or to sit and wait ".

With the support of: Kultur I Väst
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